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Trusted Advisers

We are happy to accommodate recommendations and affiliations with local businesses, and will always reward any introductions made.

Johnstone Insurance Brokers are always pleased to work with other professionals. We’re happy to reward any introductions but the main thing we can bring to your relationship with your client is added value. It’s a cliché but if you’re like us you will be very protective of your clients , the last thing you want is someone else messing up your relationship. We understand that and that the best result is where your client is grateful to you for something that we have done to help save money and /or get the proper cover in place.

We can provide the best value when we’re introduced early. Too often we are asked for advice as an afterthought by clients and prospective clients alike. New businesses will often go through everything including the colour of the office wallpaper and then think “we need some cover from tomorrow!!”

We’ve many examples of businesses quoting for and winning new contracts and only at the last minute realising that they need to extend their cover. It could cost more than the profit in the job , worse still is cover available? We think that professional advisers including but not restricted to accountants , lawyers , planning advisers , business consultants and bankers/finance advisers are more often than not involved from the start especially for new start ups so what better way to get some extra brownie points by advising your client to think about insurance and talk to Johnstones “now”. It gives us time to do the job properly and be part of a joined up business plan.

We think that the client can’t lose. There’s no cost to them for the consultation or quotes and advice so really they can only gain.

And , as mentioned , we’re happy to pay for successful introductions under a properly worded introducer agreement. We're always looking for interesting and informative topics to put in front of our clients so if you've got anything relevant you'd like to share we'll happily put it out and attribute it to whoever supplies it.

We’re always interested in and keen to play a part in any presentations , publications or webinars that you may provide to your clients either by providing input ourselves or arranging for expertise from Insurance companies , loss adjusters , Johnstone Business Guard for H&S and HR and other specialist providers.

You can trust JIB Ltd with your most valued assets , your clients , and deliver benefit to them whilst earning yourself.

Give Chris Harper a call on 01724 878063 or drop him a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like to set up an informal meeting to talk about working with us.

Need assistance?

To speak with one of our team about your insurance requirements, a quotation, or if you would simply like our advice, please call us on 01724 872939 or email us by clicking on the link on the right:

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